Bulging [adjective]

Definition of Bulging:

curving outward

Synonyms of Bulging:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bulging:

Sentence/Example of Bulging:

The stream of texts lasted for months and eventually included pictures, one of which showed a man with a bulge in his pants, and finally, one of a naked, erect penis.

Such calculations have previously suggested that a star dies, somewhere in the bulge or disk, every few decades.

Most spiral galaxies, like the one pictured here, have a galactic bulge at their center.

The long-lasting warm pattern is the result of a persistent bulge or ridge in the jet stream developing over the eastern United States, which will promote air flow from the south.

You should check for any bulges or dents in the jar’s lid, and make sure there are no signs that food has bubbled out and dribbled down the outside of the jar.

He thought it very likely, and he wanted to see them—but movement was repulsive to his bulging body.

Scattergood placed the tin object to his lips and puffed out his bulging cheeks.

Scattergood leaned forward, his round face, with its bulging cheeks, as expressionless as some particularly big and ruddy apple.

My dear Signor, he began, showing a large envelope bulging with newspaper clippings, I have brought the notices.

Darker grew his florid countenance; his bulging eyes looked troubled and perplexed.