Creaking [verb]

Definition of Creaking:

grind, grate with high noise

Synonyms of Creaking:

Opposite/Antonyms of Creaking:


Sentence/Example of Creaking:

And with another bow the man from Paris drew himself erect, turned on his heel, and went jingling and creaking from the room.

But while the tenth man still labors, the machine, though creaking with its dislocation, can still go on.

But, later, he grew afraid of the shadows of window-curtains and the flapping of doors and the creaking of shutters.

At the creaking sound of the opening door the Seneschal bestirred himself to rise.

Cautiously they began to go up into the dark vault of the upper house, the boards creaking under their weight.

The two men, opening the creaking iron gate, advanced boldly to the door, an excuse ready in case Pietro opened it.

They came back in the old creaking buckboard with Methuselah the old, old white horse, and the Toyman.

As he spoke, the tall clock in the corner, after an ominous creaking and groaning, began to strike five.

At night he heard their loud laughter, and the creaking cries of the herons flying past.

At one side a rough staircase, creaking at every step, conducts one to a saloon on the first floor.