Clogged [verb]

Definition of Clogged:

block, hinder

Synonyms of Clogged:

Opposite/Antonyms of Clogged:

Sentence/Example of Clogged:

Style-wise, they’re a mix between slippers and clogs, so they go with pajamas and jeans alike.

Two years ago, singer and rapper Post Malone teamed with Crocs for a special version of its signature foam-resin clogs.

She was on this steep hillside in her clogs, wailing away on the fire line.

The tube may become clogged with pieces of food, in which case it must be withdrawn, cleaned, and reintroduced.

When the soil pipe from a water-closet is exposed in cold weather it may freeze up or be clogged by urinary deposits.

They were so clogged with dust, however, as to be almost unserviceable, and their ammunition was expended.

He shed them so thick they kind of clogged up the air, and altogether he shed seventeen suits.

Arcot looked around, trying to decide what to do, but his brain was clogged.

Your blood has always been so clogged with food poisons that you didn't know you could think.

He was like one overtaken in a nightmare, too faint and clogged to will an effective movement for escape.