Lining [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Lining:

The PrimaLoft Gold insulation along with wool blend lining will help keep hands warm and dry.

This acts more like a nonremovable midlayer than it does a lining, adding little more than bulk and discomfort.

It is made of cordura, spandex, and webbing with softer lining to make it comfortable.

The inner lining and ear loops stay cool on your skin no matter how hot it gets, and the whole thing is structured to stay off your face so you don’t suck it into your mouth while breathing hard.

With their mix of EcoTan sheepskin and a recycled wool-polyester blend in the lining, they provide warmth without the sweatiness that so often follows.

Still, the shifts are a silver lining in a challenging year.

There could be a silver lining to the King’s seizure of the CPB’s assets.

Tuman has noticed some silver linings as folks work from home.

“If you don’t see a silver lining, you have to go and create one,” Chan told the Fortune Global Forum on Tuesday.

Runners do hurt themselves, but even that can have a silver lining if it forces me to make changes with long-term benefits.