Restrictions [noun]

Definition of Restrictions:


Opposite/Antonyms of Restrictions:

Sentence/Example of Restrictions:

Some restrictions which you yourself had proposed, would have been insisted upon.

Yet, notwithstanding all restrictions, men could be happy at the Studion.

Under all these restrictions the colonies were not as yet restive.

This was in November, and he had broken all restrictions as to time.

They are not limited by any restrictions on their free actions.

So as long as the restrictions had been bound around him, there was no reason to go just half-way.

She is subject to other restrictions and is a general drudge in the family.

Such are many of the regulations and restrictions of commerce.

What were restrictions to his Arabs would have been license to other men.

I will try, first of all, if I can put up with the restrictions you have laid upon me.