Constricted [verb]

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The luxuriously soft mesh feels like pulling pantyhose over my body, and extra-wide leg grippers provide the ideal amount of compression and support without constricting or rubbing.

The fingers of his right hand constricted on Burkey's throat until the man's eyes crawled a little way out of their sockets.

The Mexicans were slowly constricted to an ever narrowing circle.

The large part next the chlorid tube is protected by fine wire gauze which extends to within a half inch of the constricted part.

Being bent double it was attached to the animal by the intermediate angle, and when unfolded was constricted in the middle.

The constricted posterior part of a pedunculate head, by which it inosculates in the trunk.

The straight part of the side tube is then constricted ready for fusing off and the whole affair is placed on the vacuum pump.

It was good for him to walk—his liver was a little constricted, and his nerves rather on edge.

The cerebral rudiment is still quite unpaired and exhibits no sign of becoming constricted into two lobes.

The prominence becomes at the same time nearly constricted off from the egg as a polar cell.