Curtailed [verb]

Definition of Curtailed:

cut short; abridge

Synonyms of Curtailed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Curtailed:

Sentence/Example of Curtailed:

With amenities and lodging curtailed all over, we’ll all be spending a lot more time in muddy parking lots again, which have always been vital to the skiing experience.

It’s rumored that Spears’s access to the internet is heavily curtailed and that she is only allowed a flip phone.

Xi Jinping’s government is increasingly curtailing the influence of private corporations that dominate its burgeoning internet, e-commerce and digital finance industries, pivoting away from its previously hands off approach.

“First Principles” closes with some regrets about “the end of American classicism” and a set of practical lessons that, although laudable, seem disconnected from the rest of the book, such as curtailing campaign spending.

Others complained that they had curtailed traffic stops and other proactive enforcement because they worried about internal reprimands.

Just a day earlier, Zuckerberg had testified before a Senate committee about whether a law protecting Internet services from liability for what their users post should be curtailed.

Entire segments of the economy have been battered as people curtailed travel and leisure spending, and many have restricted their day-to-day routines to protect themselves and others from possible infection.

At least according to public opinion, kids with diseases that compromise their immune systems or otherwise curtail their ability to fight off diseases are next in line, followed by the elderly.

A growing number of mayors are banding together to fight what they consider to be an inaccurate and abruptly curtailed 2020 census, using an arsenal of legal, legislative and congressional efforts.

While the government did not spell out how Google’s business should be curtailed, it did call for “structural relief,” which could mean anything from breaking up Google’s business to canceling some of its current deals.