Deadens [verb]

Definition of Deadens:

diminish, muffle, quiet

Synonyms of Deadens:

Opposite/Antonyms of Deadens:

Sentence/Example of Deadens:

The dining room, even in the heat of summer, should be carpeted, to deaden the noise of the servants' feet.

Hay and straw were laid upon the bridges to deaden the sound of the artillery wheels.

An attempt to imagine a body destitute of thy potency, would be to bankrupt and deaden the material universe.

Even concussion of the brain had failed to deaden the memory of that awful night.

Her heart answered to the same emotions that quicken or deaden the beat of other breasts.

The more Madeleine became accustomed to town life the easier she found it to deaden her recollections of the past.

There was a click and two doors, ludicrously like the doors which deaden the volume of gramophone music, flew open.

He meant by this that philosophy helps to deaden all animal desires and pleasures.

Now he tapped gently on the cut glass with an iron chisel, whose head was covered by a piece of felt cloth to deaden the sound.

Everything being arranged, they drank again, Edouard to deaden his conscience more completely, the others for convivialitys sake.