Obstructive [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Obstructive:

If Andros was peremptory, the Puritan councillors were obstructive.

Here, again, there was an obstructive bar placed across the road.

The masters had been selfish and obstructive, the men selfish, silly, and light-headed.

As usual Cologne was one of the most restive and obstructive of all the towns.

The objector had overrated the obstructive power of his honoured parent.

A runner on the bank, to look out for obstructive craft, is useful in practice.

Each man or woman stood in the place of a choppy, obstructive wave.

There is no obstructive limit to the achievements of the army of labor.

It may stand for two distinct attitudes of mind, one of them obstructive and the other not.

But, indeed, all these oaths are obstructive and useless superstitions.