Overburdened [verb]

Definition of Overburdened:


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Sentence/Example of Overburdened:

The other clerks were overburdened, while Pat in his humble place had little to do.

What if the black, at times, is overburdened, and his wife and daughters debauched?

In his own home I thought him overburdened by the scheme of decoration he had planned for it.

His army clamored for pay; and he was overburdened with debts.

Like Dan they were overburdened with money, and remarkably free with it.

He was overburdened with care, and suffered from chronic disease.

In 1560 Laurence was presented, because he overburdened the commons with his cattle.

They were lonely, overburdened, despondent, darkly philosophical.

Vernon hesitated and then the words came with a rush from his overburdened breast.

They seem to be actually oppressed and overburdened with comfort.