Hovering [verb]

Definition of Hovering:

hang, float over

Synonyms of Hovering:

Opposite/Antonyms of Hovering:




Sentence/Example of Hovering:

Altogether, we spent five consecutive days hovering around that collection of law-enforcers, in imminent risk of capture.

Occasionally he turned his head to watch with keen eyes the fretful movements of a fly hovering above the water.

At least ten men be sides Gwynne were hovering about Dolly Boutts, like humming-birds about the nectar of a full-blown rose.

She was hovering over the entrance just as he had seen her on the day he came to take possession.

The nurse was hovering about again with a suggestion that it was high time the visitor departed.

Juana's feminine perception and her keen eye hovering over her salons, brought her nothing but pain.

They scarcely breathed, and the summer night that was so mildly beautiful seemed to take on a sense of hovering danger.

The congregation reminds me of a clover field, with the butterflies hovering over its gaily-colored, bobbing heads.

The great roof gave a sense of crouching or hovering, for warmth or in menace.

Beautiful women he had seen in plenty, but hovering about this one there was something more than beauty.