Dwarfed [verb]

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The Kebler aspens dwarfed me, indeed, but better yet they left me with a sense of embeddedness and immersion, a sense of how habitat holds us.

General Tom Thumb, a dwarf, danced and sang in Revolutionary War regalia.

Smaller, cooler, older red dwarf stars are far more abundant than sun-like stars.

On Thursday, 116,707 new cases were reported, the second straight record for a single day and a figure that dwarfed the total for any day in the previous worst two periods of the outbreak, in April and July.

Now compare Pluto to the closest of the Centauri stars, a diminutive red dwarf called Proxima.

Today, Mutlu-Pakdil studies unusual galaxies of a different kind—dwarf galaxies.

Microsoft’s Turing-NLG recently dwarfed all previous models as a 17 billion parameter language model.

In addition, even as the coronavirus pandemic had dwarfed most other concerns, climate change emerged as a front-burner issue during the Democratic presidential primaries, in ways difficult to fathom only a few years ago.

In 2020, the share of imports is stable, while the budget shortfall has swelled to 17% of GDP, dwarfing the imports share by over 14 points.

All signed up to work again in next month’s general election, when turnout will dwarf what it was in August.