Overawed [verb]

Definition of Overawed:


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Sentence/Example of Overawed:

He spoke in a jerky voice, as if he thought to overawe the boy.

"To your work," he cried, bravely, thinking yet that he might overawe them.

And had he begun to build his castles to stun and overawe the rabbles that pass his door?

Not a single soldier is to be found in our domain to overawe or protect society.

He may, indeed, build barrack after barrack to overawe them.

He wanted to overawe Dick; but somehow Dick wouldn't be overawed.

Alva built a —— in the heart of Antwerp to overawe the city.

It is a crime to be above the vulgar, and yet not overawe the vulgar.

But you've brought in a bunch of toughs and gunmen to overawe us and do your dirty work.

Also they have brought in a number of hard citizens—what are known as 'gunmen'—to overawe us.