Overstated [verb]

Definition of Overstated:


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Sentence/Example of Overstated:

Does it occur to you that such has been the case, that she has overstated it?

Clearly Philippe had not overstated the excitement prevailing there.

The advantages of a record of this kind can hardly be overstated.

Those who try the book find its merits have not been overstated.

The intelligence, courage and devotion of dogs of this breed can scarcely be overstated.

In both instances he has, as we think, overstated his point.

It was an excursion of an hour or two, and the charm of it could not be overstated, I think.

Why, it is that which would be true If it had not been overstated.

Although this cannot be estimated, it can hardly be overstated.

Mr Eagle Clarke says that the importance of winds is overstated, but as an incentive only.