Amass [verb]

Definition of Amass:

gather, accumulate

Synonyms of Amass:

Opposite/Antonyms of Amass:

Sentence/Example of Amass:

That’s a phrase used by historians to refer to 19th-century industrialists who amassed wealth and power through often unscrupulous and unethical methods.

Over time, Everfi has amassed more than 3,000 “strategic” partners, from LinkedIn to the NFL.

Having trimmed costs and amassed some dry powder, the company is poised to acquire again, targeting companies that were hit hard by the downturn.

The urge for nations to amass technological prowess and use it as an instrument of geopolitical power is what we mean by technonationalism.

While there are no fixed plans to yet, amassing thousands-strong databases from its new sampling push will be lucrative for the title in terms of growing its first-party data pool and spinning up other models like subscription boxes.

Relative to market size, there is perhaps no mascot in the NBA that has amassed a larger social following than Coyote of the San Antonio Spurs.

Since developers began paying North University City, it’s amassed over $230 million.

Given the array of tools at the disposal of marketers, just 22% claim that they’re satisfied with the conversion rates that they amass.

Creating such an Arctic temperature category involves not only the approval of WMO officials, but also amassing and verifying data from the eight different countries with territory within the Arctic Circle.

He had heard so much of the beauty of the Little Russian folk-songs, and hoped to amass material for his future compositions.