Summarized [verb]

Definition of Summarized:

give a rundown

Synonyms of Summarized:

Opposite/Antonyms of Summarized:

Sentence/Example of Summarized:

The whole, however, may with advantage be summarized into one short chapter.

Their plans for the morrow may be summarized in what has been stated.

The subject is summarized in an article in the Daily News of 4th July, 1898.

It seemed to me that the whole spirit and quality of the reveling was summarized.

These developments are summarized in the discussion of the individual resources.

His adventures during those eight years can only be summarized.

In this proposition the whole philosophy of Ideas is summarized.

In the following table are summarized the results of this investigation.

Then, as he summarized the missing articles, heads began to nod.

Some of the simpler facts of the case are summarized by Tait in the Phil.