Peppery [adjective]

Definition of Peppery:

highly seasoned

Synonyms of Peppery:

Opposite/Antonyms of Peppery:

Sentence/Example of Peppery:

The goldsmith was a rude, peppery fellow, who did not mince his words.

He was a small, stout man with a red face and a peppery manner.

She was a peppery little person, and her temper was up for the moment.

Did he prefer to be on good terms with his peppery neighbor?

It was invisible, but Fitz flushed and felt, after his fashion, peppery.

It will do him no harm, and may cool his peppery blood some!

Well that would do him no harm; he knows me, and he knows that I am peppery.

A man as peppery as the colonel would have been equally alert in defense.

When they are merely angular we may infer impatience and a "peppery" disposition.

It has lost its novelty for him and its sharp, peppery savour.