Cuspidate [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Cuspidate:

Polar spines three-sided prismatic, cuspidate, about as long as the axis of the shell.

The second glume is broadly ovate acute, rather cuspidate, usually 5-nerved (rarely 7-nerved).

Basal breadth of all six the same (three times as large as one pore); form, three-sided prismatic, with cuspidate distal end.

Cuspidate: prickly pointed; ending in a sharp point; with an acuminated point ending in a bristle.

It is therefore significant that these earlier teeth should be more cuspidate than the later teeth.

The canines are those of flesh-eaters and so are the molars, being as a rule sharply cuspidate.

Leaves much smaller, less oblique at the base, finely and regularly crenate, acuminate rather than cuspidate.

The serrations tend to be more nearly crenulate than cuspidate.

Cuspidate, tipped with a sharp and rigid point; as in Fig. 140.