Apical [adjective]

Definition of Apical:

knifelike, cutting

Synonyms of Apical:

Opposite/Antonyms of Apical:

Sentence/Example of Apical:

When a piece of the stem of Bryophyllum is cut off and its leaves are removed, the two apical buds will grow out first.

Rotation of the distal phalanx necessitates a descent of its apical portion and there occurs a "dropped sole."

In some of the Coleoptera I have found auditory rods in the apical segments, though this is by no means a common occurrence.

At the anterior end of the preoral lobe is a nervous thickening of the ectoderm called 226 the apical plate .

Fertile receptacle peduncled from an apical sinus of the thallus, radiately lobed.

The dispersion of spores takes place through an apical mouth.

The apical margin of the first segment of the abdomen rufo-fuscous.

The egg is yellowish when first laid, and a day or two afterwards violet-brown rings appear above the base and the apical half.

Occasionally, one or more small black spots, some with white pupils, are present below the apical one.

Very rarely the apical spot may be almost absent on one fore wing, but well defined on the other.