Tipped [verb]

Definition of Tipped:

knock over; cause to lean

Synonyms of Tipped:

Opposite/Antonyms of Tipped:

Sentence/Example of Tipped:

The deputy officer took a chair and tipped it back against the wall.

"Sure, they was tipped off," Cassidy answered, quite unmoved.

I've just tipped the scales at a hundred-and-three in my sweater.

Wine cups were tipped over and broken on the marble counter.

I have not tipped you with half-a-crown lately, and therefore you can see me!

On the instant the swinging platform under him tipped violently.

There was not a summit, moreover, on the left bank of the stream that was not tipped with flame.

So I tipped my glass just a hair's breadth, towards the lower part of the garden.

The wind, catching it underneath as it slid, tipped it backward.

The said mill arms were painted a robin's-egg blue, and one was tipped with black.