Honed [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Honed:

So it’s hoping to be able to keep honing the model’s accuracy.

As a chef and a man, Posey honed his bold self-possession, despite being born into chattel slavery in Virginia.

Around that time, Jung began to hone his notion of synchronicity in preparation for developing a treatise on the subject.

Rosen argued that lawyers needed to get more evidence and hone their case for charging Zinke with lying to federal investigators, according to people familiar with the matter.

If he feels like he can carry the weight, then we really want him to really hone in on his flexibility and his first-step quickness.

In other words, practices honed in the American heartland helped make cold-dependent therapeutics feasible — from organ transplantation to blood banking, artificial insemination to vaccine development and distribution.

He honed his reputation as a numbers-cruncher early on, telling a local reporter that he wanted the city’s traffic signals synced, “saving our commuters 15-18 percent in their drive times.”

Soon after they were officially signed, the group had one of those charmed Nashville success tales — after paying dues playing small bars and honing songwriting skills, their career took off.

This movie is about a celebration of our power and really honing in on that power being at its greatest strength when we use it collectively.

Growing up in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, has provided Kai with the ultimate mountain playground to hone his skills.