Undeviating [adjective]

Definition of Undeviating:

word for word; exact, real

Synonyms of Undeviating:

Opposite/Antonyms of Undeviating:

Sentence/Example of Undeviating:

Her undeviating loyalty bound him by every fibre of gratitude and honour.

In the matter of undeviating consistency he stands alone in authorship.

What are called “dark dealings” are the ordinations of undeviating faithfulness.

He too, however, was moved by the sight of her and her straightforward, undeviating purpose.

There was assurance and finality in the undeviating rays of the tired sun.

The successors and followers of these men have adhered to the destructive lessons of their masters with undeviating tenacity.

For these he was full of the most touching and undeviating solicitude.

That convention was carried with undeviating thoroughness into every detail.

Remember there is an undeviating uniformity in the past history of nations.

Chance would not be chance, if it were undeviating and certain in its operations.