Shotgun [noun]

Definition of Shotgun:

questioning, often in an organized academic setting

Synonyms of Shotgun:

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Sentence/Example of Shotgun:

One of them had a shotgun and others were armed with forks and rakes.

The men backed away, the farmer let the shotgun drop to the ground.

A feather-duster seemed a more fitting weapon than a shotgun.

It's for this shotgun speshulist to give the route agents an argyooment.

He left his shotgun where it had fallen; the distance was too great for it.

While the boys and girls were dressing the report of a shotgun rang out.

"I've got this, you see," and he tapped the shotgun suggestively.

Our hero still had possession of the rifle, and Roger carried the shotgun.

Every rifle and every shotgun was quickly raised and aimed at the bear.

Two rifles and a shotgun are given to the men who are going out.