Edging [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Edging:

A moment later they were edging their way down the declivity of what once had been a railroad track, at last to veer.

Dedmon, and the lawyer—who hadn't spoken a single word in all the talk—were edging toward the door.

It looked as if he were edging out from under—or maybe he really believed that.

The ship which had been standing off from the shore was now edging in toward the land.

These are all good, when properly cared for, when used for edging beds and borders.

In using Candytuft for edging, set the plants about a foot apart.

One of our best flowering plants for edging purposes is Candytuft.

He rode on, gradually edging across to what in France is the wrong side of the road.

He shrank back against the wall, and edging away, paused only when a dozen or fifteen feet from the breach.

But what is the edging of blacker smoke that hangs along its lower side, and which you may trace down into the thicket of hazel?