Tools [noun]

Definition of Tools:

instrument used to shape, form, finish

Synonyms of Tools:

Opposite/Antonyms of Tools:


Sentence/Example of Tools:

God can use us as tools, but to be a tool of, is not to be a fellow-worker with.

They will feel that "the tools are with him who can use them."

Every boy should learn the use of tools, the gardener's or the carpenter's, or both.

In the afternoon he returned with his pard and tools for digging.

His weapons and tools were of the rudest description, and made of chipped flint.

Their weapons and tools are highly polished, and have evidently been ground on a grindstone.

His father was a millwright, and had brought up his son to the use of tools.

Tools with which man tills the earth and blasts the rock are made with the aid of fire.

Descending again to the bed-room, I set to work with my tools.

We are the tools or vassals of the rich men behind the scenes.