Rapine [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Rapine:

What a setting of blood and lust and flame and rapine for such a hero!

He was the worthy son of a family of scoundrels, and lived by theft and rapine.

The city is now a very hell of drunkenness, rapine, fire, and smoke.

You've a thousand years of quarrels, of fighting and rapine behind you.

Little did she suspect that they were beacon-fires calling to deeds of blood and rapine.

Night is, in fact, their true time for rapine and desperate deeds.

The benignant laws of the Incas were replaced by the rapine of the conquerors.

The Pirate-Colonel replied, in a courageous voice, "By rapine!"

Let them not fail to find for it task after task of blood and rapine.

Plunder, rapine, and luxury took the place of duty performed.