Aptitude [noun]

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His uniquely broad aptitude allows him not only to overpower smaller defenders who switch, but also to prey on an opponent who’s been pressed into an uncomfortable rotation.

As discussed, having the right technology is important, but it is only as effective as having employees with the aptitude to use it efficiently and effectively.

It’s best when it is individualized, with progress based on a student’s personal aptitude and proficiency as they move toward mastering the material.

If you sit down with pencil, paper, and enough of an aptitude for orbital dynamics you’ll soon discover that the easiest, most efficient trajectories to take us from Earth to a place like Mars involve great elliptical arcs around the sun.

An aptitude for mentally stringing together related items, often cited as a hallmark of human language, may have deep roots in primate evolution, a new study suggests.

Whether this aptitude was combined with the sinuous cunning that is essentially Oriental Nigel did not know.

She was fascinated by this aptitude, but presently she was still more fascinated by the subtle use that he was making of it.

Sarah was intelligent and well trained; she inherited all her mother's aptitude for rule and order.

I know of no other private enterprise that so truly represents the skill, aptitude, and energy of American genius.

But, on the other hand, it demands aptitude in writing for the orchestra and appropriately solid material.