Misjudge [verb]

Definition of Misjudge:

get the wrong idea

Opposite/Antonyms of Misjudge:

Sentence/Example of Misjudge:

"It is so easy to misjudge people," pleaded Joan, earnestly.

It seems very cold-blooded, but it is easy to misjudge these people.

And the pity of it that such a man should so misjudge his Claudia!

I only wish that you could see into my soul as into your own; for then you would not misjudge me as you do.

You may read his letter; you must—you misjudge him—you always have.

Do not, therefore, misjudge the sense of the words I am about to speak.

I might say something to show where you misjudge me—something that might palliate; but no, let it be.

In all this it is excessively easy to be unjust, to misjudge and to go wrong.

Poor hasty spirits that we be, how do we misjudge other folk!

Youve owned that Adrienne may make mistakes and I own that I may misjudge her.