Invite [verb]

Definition of Invite:

ask to do something socially

Synonyms of Invite:

Opposite/Antonyms of Invite:

Sentence/Example of Invite:

He made up his mind then and there that he would never again invite Grandfather Mole to walk with him.

It is combined with these consonant elements in order to invite it forward and bring it to a point (figuratively speaking).

You must invite only such guests as will mutually please, and you must be careful about introductions.

If you have a visitor, and desire to introduce her to your friends, you may invite her to accompany you when paying calls.

If you walk with a gentleman, when he reaches your door invite him in, but if he declines, do not urge him.

You can, if you wish, invite a few friends to a late dinner with you, and all proceed to the ball room together.

In our new opera houses there are rooms for promenade, and between the acts your escort may invite you to walk there.

He said he would invite Mr. Sanders, as that gentleman, no doubt, would consider it a great privilege to meet the famous musician.

Knowing the Mitchells intimately, he had no fear that their opposition would invite severity.

"I shall not invite Prince Sondersheim to my concert," returned Eveline, seating herself on the sofa with a defiant air.