Imbue [verb]

Definition of Imbue:

infuse, saturate

Synonyms of Imbue:

Opposite/Antonyms of Imbue:

Sentence/Example of Imbue:

We are each imbued with qualities, quirks, habits and eccentricities that make us uniquely us.

And this effect of the law tends to imbue the proprietors with corresponding sentiments and feelings.

And more specifically he must imbue himself with the spirit of the childlike literature.

But even if it would not expose itself, it would be infinitely best to imbue it with righteous principle.

Lastly, General Ptain managed to imbue all ranks with his energy and faith, and the enemy's drive was stopped.

Cynthia went from one to the other, trying to convince them and to imbue them with her own belief in Neal, but she could not.

Jemmy the Scrubber, unable to imbue the rest of his watch with his own restless activity, gave me no peace night or day.

But the doctor, habitually light-hearted, soon recovers, and makes an effort to imbue the others with cheerfulness like his own.

The Christian missionary will get hold of him in bulk, so to speak, and imbue him with the higher theology.

Clever as was the system of M. Raymond, he could not, however, imbue me with the wish of risking the smallest sum at roulette.