Induct [verb]

Definition of Induct:

take into an organization

Synonyms of Induct:

Opposite/Antonyms of Induct:

Sentence/Example of Induct:

He was posthumously inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame.

All were due to be inducted in July 2020 until the ceremony was canceled because of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Baseball Writers’ Association of America released the results of its voting today, but no players reached the threshold to be inducted into the Hall — and not for lack of players with a Hall of Fame-caliber resume, either.

He has been inducted into the International Songwriters Hall of Fame, the Country Music Hall of Fame and the Musicians Hall of Fame.

With the utmost caution I proceeded to induct myself into the driver's seat.

We have learned that what was actually intended at this time was, not to ordain, but only to induct our schoolmasters.

If the Army netted more high scorers than average in any period, it would induct fewer men from the next category.

Somebody else undertook to induct Solly into the pleasures of tree climbing.

To love without hope, immaculately, would be perfect if it did not induct such brainstorms.

I can induct sounds from the Blind Spot; I can induct light, or visibility; or any given object or person, in toto.