Install [verb]

Definition of Install:

set up, establish

Synonyms of Install:

Opposite/Antonyms of Install:

Sentence/Example of Install:

Essentially, the idea is to make brain-machine interfaces not only easier to install but also more powerful.

Two weeks later, Kriuchkov traveled to San Francisco, rented a Toyota Corolla from Hertz, and drove to Nevada in an effort to coax the employee to install the malware program.

Facebook advertisers looking to continue to target iOS 14 users with app install ad campaigns will now be required to sign up for a new, separate ad account to target those users.

More recently, Daniel Zitterbart, a physicist at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, helped develop and install high-resolution cameras to observe undisturbed huddling behavior.

The EU does not want a situation in which all this chaos permits Putin to become the puppet master or to install his own figurehead in Belarus.

As reported in Motherboard, companies like Affectiva, Cerence, Xperi, and Eyeris have plans in the works to partner with automakers and install emotion-reading AI systems in new cars.

In the coming years, companies will install a massive new layer of infrastructure.

Also on the homelessness front, Del Mar Fairground officials are moving forward with a plan to install temporary housing for homeless veterans on site.

All you need to do is install Yoast SEO on your dashboard and it will help guide you in writing a keyword-driven article.

It fixes up used computers and installs them with Windows 10.