Delimit [verb]

Definition of Delimit:

set the limits

Synonyms of Delimit:

Opposite/Antonyms of Delimit:

Let go

Sentence/Example of Delimit:

Accordingly commissioners were appointed on both sides to determine and delimit the boundary as drawn by the treaty of 1846.

Up to some point, difficult certainly to delimit, a man must be captain of his soul.

He does not try to define and delimit something remaining constant in change.

What goes by that name is no doubt somewhat elusive; one can not easily delimit and characterize it with scientific accuracy.

You are under a misapprehension in supposing that Mr. Chamberlain has undertaken to delimit the Afghan frontier.

Its object is to delimit the spheres of influence of the positive sciences and show how they are mutually related.

There is moreover a further puzzle which confronts us who are trying to delimit an American region or regions.

Other times have already been used to describe, define, and delimit this (brief) time.

The summerwood is a thin dark line, not prominent enough to clearly delimit the yearly rings of growth.

Her female nature was supposed to delimit her life satisfactorily, and her human stature was completely ignored.