Inclose [verb]

Definition of Inclose:

confine, limit situation or ability to participate

Opposite/Antonyms of Inclose:

Sentence/Example of Inclose:

If you write to ask for an autograph, always inclose a postage stamp for the answer.

Every letter which came from the absent sister did inclose some imponderable unmounted photograph, with comments.

There was not even a fence to inclose it, nor an evergreen nor an ivy about it; only a few straggling black locusts.

I inclose herewith a copy of said letter, which it may be interesting for reading purposes by surviving comrades.

I inclose the address of my father's office, where you will be sure either to find me or to hear of me.

You have already been told that the larv of Phrygane inclose themselves in cases of different materials, open at each end.

I now inclose sundry documents supplementary to those communicated to you with my message at the commencement of the session.

I inclose his statements of the expenses already incurred and of what remains to be finished.

King Alexander drove them between those mountains, and there he thought to inclose them through work of his men.

She had no harem walls to inclose her, no guardians to keep the suitor away or to threaten exposure.