Proceedings [noun]

Definition of Proceedings:

account, report of event

Synonyms of Proceedings:

Opposite/Antonyms of Proceedings:


Sentence/Example of Proceedings:

Also you will bury a bottle containing report of your proceedings.

The daily proceedings of Congress at Washington are discussed in Japan.

The barons gained some tidings of his proceedings, and were on their guard.

He was astonished at the strength of the woman and scandalised by her proceedings.

When we were left to ourselves, we held a council of war, about future proceedings.

See the report of the proceedings of the society at its annual meeting in 1834.

The proceedings began with some animated discussion, all tending one way.

A wheezing and coughing and clanking of keys interrupted the proceedings.

There was not the slightest flavour of the Circumlocution Office about their proceedings.

The proceedings had really lasted too long and fatigued one too much.