Doings [noun]

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If you carry out your work, your doings shall be told to every human soul within a hundred miles of where you stand.

Believe me when I tell you that I never join Morley in any of his sinful doings, especially his drinking bouts.

Beware therefore that you imitate not the doings of others, and be afraid, and the fear of them should seize upon you.

People lowered their voice, and spoke of him in mysterious tones, when they mentioned his name and told of his doings.

If a man prefers not to speak of himself or of his doings, his enemies will soon invent some tale of their own.

Some sprite, favourable to the peace of Hartledon, had been writing confidentially from Ireland regarding Kirton and his doings.

His relations to them are constituted wholly by his doings that affect them; He himself is immutable in his being and purposes.

Instead of selecting general examples of ape actions, we may cite some of the doings of this intelligent creature.

These are a few only of the many acts of intelligence observed by Mr. Romanes in the doings of this animal.

Very often the little ones mimic it in fun, and children's games, most times, are copies of their elders' workaday doings.