Matters [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Matters:

I got to trust you wholly in these matters, and I know I can do it, too.

It serves him right for meddling with matters that don't concern him.

So he thought the things he would have said to her if matters had been different.

You think I must of necessity, as matters are circumstanced, be Solmes's wife.

The freshmen, however, had to have matters explained to them by their friends.

On such sportive occasions it is not so much what is said that matters.

As matters stand, I don't care to have papers, so freely written, about me.

Therefore, these are matters that should be carefully considered.

"Take this," he directed presently, when he had disposed of the matters before him.

But for her consolation were the matters of food and dress, and of countless junketings.