Hospitalization [noun]

Definition of Hospitalization:

medical care

Synonyms of Hospitalization:

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Sentence/Example of Hospitalization:

The city has been headed in the right direction, with infections and hospitalizations dropping since mid-January, said health department director Rex Archer.

I’ve done all of this believing that vaccines would be coming, allowing me to resume at least some parts of my life, and to stop fearing serious illness, hospitalization and death.

There were no hospitalizations or deaths among people who received the vaccine.

I care about whether vaccination means that people won’t become severely ill — to the point that they require hospitalization.

Cases, while still very high, are collapsing, and hospitalization data is falling as well.

Daily coronavirus infections in San Francisco County fell dramatically in January and hospitalizations also declined, according to data tracked by The Washington Post.

That advocacy led to improved reporting on hospitalizations and deaths from the virus, Nunez-Smith said, allowing a more complete picture to emerge of the pandemic’s unequal impact.

As the number of infections and hospitalizations in the United States have dipped since the second week of January, governors and mayors have begun easing restrictions.

On a personal level, getting vaccinated make it less likely that you’ll get sick and require hospitalization.

Exactly how the new strains affect people who are infected—such as whether they develop more severe symptoms—and whether they can lead to more hospitalizations and deaths, aren’t clear yet.