Dismissal [noun]

Definition of Dismissal:


Opposite/Antonyms of Dismissal:

Sentence/Example of Dismissal:

Sporting minds of their own, these shared vehicles predictively swarm to where they’re likely to be needed next—outside schools before dismissal, at the stop for an arriving bus, or by the pub at last call.

Many scientists simply assumed that invertebrates like planaria couldn’t be trained, making the dismissal of McConnell’s work easy.

Two years later, a federal appeals court in Cincinnati upheld the dismissal of Aaron Hayward’s claims.

Other than dismissal, the best outcome for an officer charged with official misconduct is pretrial intervention.

A month or so before the final dismissal, Stewart’s mother had moved the family to Washington state.

Baggott puts the blame on physicists’ dismissal of metaphysics.

Was it the threat of Tony's near arrival that made her confession—and his dismissal—at last inevitable?

It seemed to her that she had lived for a century since the few hours before when Madame Malmaison had given her a curt dismissal.

Though Richard could not fail to apprehend the implied dismissal, he was minded at first to disregard it.

That woman, since her dismissal after my brother's death, has never really quit this neighborhood.