Relegation [noun]

Definition of Relegation:

change of possession

Synonyms of Relegation:

Opposite/Antonyms of Relegation:

Sentence/Example of Relegation:

After the doom of relegation is expired, he comes hither at midsummer.

His disgrace and relegation to his see, in 1529, could not but stimulate this tendency.

The motion was lost, and his relegation to Canea and a years imprisonment were voted.

She, who so longed for a first place, seemed doomed to relegation to the ranks.

In September 1697 he went to Civita Vecchia under sentence of three years' relegation.

This tendency would be encouraged and perpetuated by the relegation of vessels of particular forms to particular ceremonies.

Yet ultimately the impression of his own relegation to a secondary place remained elusive and incommunicable.

He knew that his resources were exhausted, his energies abated, and that pardon would now merely mean a relegation to oblivion.

Florence was still suffering under the before-mentioned contagion; and Sienna was at last fixed on as the place of his relegation.

We cannot view with equanimity his relegation to lower positions, while the better places are given to better-trained immigrants.