Exile [noun]

Definition of Exile:

deportation from a place

Synonyms of Exile:

Opposite/Antonyms of Exile:

Sentence/Example of Exile:

It’s a story about Ireland and exile and carrying the ghosts of family and home through time.

Michael then abandoned his profession and left the country, heading for England and a life of permanent, hopefully peaceful, exile.

That fear has been significantly reduced since Gammeh’s defeat and subsequent exile.

Some exiles who used their wits to enter America were collaborators, even war criminals.

For one, they’re without their head coach-in-exile, Dan Hughes, after he wasn’t approved, for medical reasons, to enter the bubble.

The foster-child remained behind to share the hut of the political exile.

The exile and the maiden, in short, fell in love with each other, and they mutually vowed never to be parted but by force.

He accordingly betook himself to London, where he had social resources which would, perhaps, make exile endurable.

He never returned, but died in England on June 3, 1780, an unhappy and a homesick exile from the country which he loved.

The exile too, far from home and kindred smokes on as he muses of happier hours gone never to return.