Feudalism [noun]

Definition of Feudalism:

state of working under duress or without freedom

Synonyms of Feudalism:

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Sentence/Example of Feudalism:

The spirit of feudalism and of the old chivalry had all but departed, but had left a vacuum which was not yet supplied.

If it were a republic to-morrow, it would be a monster in legislation—half-jacobinism, half-feudalism.

Though feudalism as a form of government is no longer fashionable, it still survives in spirit.

In the act has been seen the formal acceptance and date of the introduction of feudalism, but it has a very different meaning.

The system (if such a word can be applied at all) was in fact a bad form of feudalism without its advantages.

They give "in all probability a pretty accurate description" of the loose feudalism of Mycenaean Greece.

In one night, the ever memorable 4th of August, it decreed the total abolition of feudalism.

Christianity teaches the idea of a universal brotherhood; Feudalism suppressed or extinguished it.

Thus Feudalism arose in the ninth and tenth centuries from the absolute wreck of property and hopes.

When the need of such an institution as Feudalism no longer existed, then it was broken up.