Amphibian [noun]

Definition of Amphibian:

cold-blooded vertebrate

Synonyms of Amphibian:

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Sentence/Example of Amphibian:

So it was meaningful when, in the 2000s, Vredenburg noticed that some of the amphibians he studied in California’s Sierra Nevada mountains survived the chytrid onslaught.

What makes amphibians unique is that they live a “double life.”

By the time the amphibian is an adult, it usually has lungs, not gills.

They shone blue or ultraviolet light on 32 species of amphibians.

The new finding suggests that this biofluorescence is widespread among amphibians.

As the amphibian taxied away without its passenger, Clyde Wendell came down the trail.

The amphibian was taxiing slowly through the water, its nose pointed directly toward the beach.

The amphibian coasted slowly in toward the beach, throttled down its motors and finally came to a halt.

You may be sure April has really come when this little amphibian creeps out of the mud and inflates its throat.

The only other amphibian at Chinaj known to breed in the pools is Bufo valliceps valliceps.