Officer [noun]

Definition of Officer:

person who has high position in

Synonyms of Officer:

Opposite/Antonyms of Officer:

Sentence/Example of Officer:

A party of sailors, headed by an officer, came out of the woods, and headed for the shore.

There is an officer in this regiment of the name of Chatterton?

"You shall hear from me, sir," said the officer, biting his lips.

Four men returned to bear off their officer, but all four shared his fate.

All I ask, said Stokes, is to be laid by that officer that I may die in his presence.

She swayed a little, so that the officer tightened his clasp on her wrist.

The girl, who had halted when the officer halted, as a matter of course, did not look up.

The girl thrust forth her left hand, on that side where stood the officer.

Aggie exclaimed, insolently, and made a face at the officer.

There was a short interval of silence, then the officer's eyes at last fell.