Employee [noun]

Definition of Employee:

person being paid for working for another or a corporation

Opposite/Antonyms of Employee:

Sentence/Example of Employee:

Those calls have led some politicians, including Gloria, to urge the state to prioritize vaccinations for school employees who work with young children.

As far as I know, we haven’t rewritten the employee handbook.

Restrooms and coffee bars are spaced apart, he adds, encouraging employees to walk more.

The Justice Department has asked a judge to dismiss the case against the controllers, who are federal employees, on procedural grounds.

An asynchronous working environment is one in which there are no fixed hours for employees.

Both the House and the Senate have wrestled with how to tax grants received by businesses under federal coronavirus relief programs for offsetting expenses and keeping employees on the payroll.

Early on in the pandemic, grocery employees were deemed “essential” and “heroes,” part of a category of often overworked and underpaid workers whose labor propped up a barely functioning society.

Soon after, Lee noticed her supervisor and other senior employees avoiding her, treating her coldly and giving her unrealistic deadlines, according to the lawsuit.

Public employers are required to file with PERC the contracts they negotiate with public employee representatives.

In 2018, the New Jersey Legislature was poised to lower the sick day payouts at retirement for all public employees, not just newly hired ones.