Infantry [noun]

Definition of Infantry:

foot soldiers

Synonyms of Infantry:

Opposite/Antonyms of Infantry:


Sentence/Example of Infantry:

Same for the elegant officer’s cap with the faded blue infantry band from the early 1900s.

Be sure to check out A&E’s The Liberator, an animated series about Felix Sparks and his infantry unit, launching today on Netflix.

Fanning and Wharton were to make head against the infantry and cavalry.

News came that the rebels were plundering the British quarters, and the infantry went there in hot haste.

Infantry and cavalry approached the island, quite unsuspicious of its being occupied.

The artillery and 81st were on the right of the line, the native infantry in the center, and the sowars on the left.

With that sum, twice as much infantry could be maintained as that which your Majesty has here.

Neither was it used as a means of help for the infantry, who go complaining through the streets.

Berthier's business was to win over the general staff, Murat the cavalry, Marmont the artillery, and Lannes the infantry.

In vain the French cavalry charged the English squares, still unshaken by artillery and infantry fire.