Urn [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Urn:

You might have taken her for some fairy of the springs who had overturned her urn on herself.

At nine o'clock at night he visited the "urn" called the "Sepulchre."

Urn—yes, I cal'lated that was the idea, probably; but who's goin' to buy it?

Let him who is of the contrary opinion deposit his vote in urn No. 2.

It is in shape like a Greek urn, but has with it a flowing quality—and the whiteness.

The girl behind the urn attracted Patricia's immediate attention.

Was it utterly and for ever gone from him, like the waters from an urn lost in the wide ocean?

I left it naturally in the urn with the bones; but it is now missing.

This urn has been the work of the ancestors of the old man of Lake Superior.

The urn was hissing and humming: the muffins were smoking—such a heap of muffins!