Tray [noun]

Definition of Tray:


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Sentence/Example of Tray:

Every bowl, tray, warming-pan, and piggin has gone to the mines.

Then she sat down at the table near the door, with the tray in front of her.

There is a letter in the tray—just a name, no address on it.

Lizzie, carrying a tray of dishes, came into the hall as he opened the door.

He went out and Miss Woodville came soon with food on a tray.

But she left the tray, and when she returned for it an hour later she had only a few words to say.

We can make them look very dainty, on a tray, and the waitress can bring them in.

Gertrude had just made her entrance from the dining-room, bearing a tray.

When I came back the tray had been swept clean and the teapot emptied.

I declined the tray; so he placed it on his own knees, to act as a miniature table.