Consulting [adjective]

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Players that are cashing in are “mostly the well-capitalized companies that had enough money to make a pivot,” says Sandro Olivieri, founder and president of the Bay Area consulting firm Productive.

Anna Crotty, a mother of two who has done data science consulting work for Voice of San Diego, drove it home to me the other day.

Juned has over a decade of experience across Software consulting, App solutions, and App development.

McKinsey, a consulting firm, estimates 40 million chargers will be needed in China, Europe, and the United States to support them, a $50 billion investment.

That she was unwise in assuming her own will so promptly, with little regard to consulting his, she might yet discover.

Without having represented to your husband the propriety of first consulting his father, on whom he is dependent, I think?

A good wife never does dare promise anything without consulting her husband, even about her own property.

It was not long before she was able to give him good advice, and it ended by his consulting her about everything.

Louis went down to the telephones, used one after consulting a little black book.

Those chats with the doctor in that grimy little consulting-room in Pimlico remained ever in his memory.