Guarantor [noun]

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Restaur, res-tawr′, n. the remedy which assurers have against each other, or a person has against his guarantor.

Thus, secondly, the guarantor must at the critical time be able to render the required assistance.

The compulsion to be applied by a guarantor for that purpose depends upon the circumstances; it may eventually be war.

Thus, first, the guaranteed must request the guarantor to render assistance.

The Pennsylvania Railroad Company in this instance also stands as guarantor of the insurance fund.

Personal guarantees were often given that the debtor would repay or the guarantor become liable himself.

And Ronnie would acquiesce in his dismissal with the good grace born of indifference—the surest guarantor of perfect manners.

Must get that Capel street library book renewed or they'll write to Kearney, my guarantor.

The eye—that is to say—is guarantor for the safety of art in a future régime under the dominance of women; and the ear for poetry.

Yes, if God the guarantor of our personal immortality existed, then should we ourselves really exist.